A community-driven protocol with deflationary mechanics and actual use cases

Launched on Binance Smart Chain in February 2021. Audited by RD Audit. 2.5% of every transaction is collected by the governance wallet. Token holders can vote and decide whether to burn it or spend on marketing and development. Token-utilising dapps. The first voting dapp is LIVE in the CUE Hub. The second is going to help crypto investors avoid potential rug projects and make better investment decisions.  Learn more and join us!
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What is CUE Protocol?

Strong Community
We launched in February 2021 and already have more than 3000 members in our community.
Low supply
10,000 tokens is the max and total supply. No more minting can be done. 2,000 Locked Liquidity.
Community voting will decide how 100% of the governance wallet is spent.
Let It Burn
Voting can also decide to burn 100% of the governance wallet at each voting period.
2.5% of every transaction goes to the governance wallet, meaning circulating supply is decreased.
Each additional dapp released will provide even more utility to the CUE ecosystem.

DAO Voting Dapp And Hub - LIVE

The DAO voting dapp will allow our holders to vote on the usage of the governance wallet which accrues 2.5% of each transaction of the CUE token.

Non-holders obviously cannot take part in the votes. The holders will decide whether to BURN or spend the tokens on the project itself such as marketing or development ideas the community feel would benefit the token utility outside of our own development budget. This ensures holders are in control of the supply. The governance wallet belongs to the holders and that means 100% of it too.
The governance wallet will receive 2.5% of every transaction but it will also receive a % of any dapp fees generated by the dapps usage, this ensures the governance wallet will be turning over tokens constantly.

The Hub is where all the action will happen, from DAO voting to using CUE dapps and keeping track of all the announcements, social media, and price action of the CUE token.

Cue Diligence Platform - Coming Soon

The second dapp will help crypto investors avoid potential rug projects and make better investment decisions. It will also help crypto projects shine a good light on themselves as a valid investment opportunity.

This platform will allow all crypto projects to join us so that our platform can start proofing them as a valid project and investment. Projects will pay a CUE service fee to access this platform, and this will be split between governance and development funds.

We are teaming up with many projects out there which will add to the validity of project proofing, such as auditors, KYC, launchpads, advisors, and capital investment firms.

Everything will be logged on a project, meaning investors can make extremely competent decisions in one place, such as audits, KYC, questions/answers, fud/rumour quashes, token information, team member info such as past projects, etc.

Projects will be able to buy/apply for audits and KYC from this platform, and these will then be published on the platform for viewing.

Projects will be able to log information and answer any questions regarding their projects, such as FAQ. This will allow all important info to be in one place.

It will be a one-stop shop for analysing a project, and it will make doing due diligence a breeze.

We want to bring all the best people in one place, the best people will help us prove these projects, but it will all be driven from the project themselves as we can see what they are doing and NOT doing. If they are not putting in the work, why not?

The platform will also analyse social sentiment as social media can sometimes have more information than anything else. Still, we can also determine if the sentiment behind the information is positive or negative.

There are other elements within the platform that we won’t divulge at this time.

The utility for this dapp is that the project will need to pay CUE for access and then hold “X” CUE to maintain access. If a project really wants to validate itself, then they will not have an issue with this.

Stay tuned!

Early Roadmap

April 2021
Our voting dapp is LIVE, and we launched 1 week after our presale closed.

Q1 - Burns
Burns via voting will not be made public before they have been completed to ensure it is fair on the market.

Q2 - Burning Mechanics
We are developing extra burning mechanics for the project other than governance burns, and these could include buybacks and burn and other DAPP's.


10,000 Total Supply
10,000 tokens are the max and total supply. No more minting can be done.

Pre-Sale Tokens
8,000 tokens were available for pre-sale.

Locked Liquidity
2,000 tokens were locked for liquidity upon PancakeSwap listing at the end of the pre-sale. This is elastic based on the LP tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Ask your community in the Telegram Group.
Are you just another deflationary token?
This is a question that comes up, and yes, we are deflationary, but most projects don’t build on top of their protocol. Their protocol consists of just a transaction fee and only works if the token is traded.

We are building on top of this protocol, making it super deflationary through our dapps which will use the CUE token. Clients will need to buy and hold CUE. These dapp service fees will be split into governance funds (for the community to decide their fate) and company funds.

We are also giving the full governance wallet to our community to decide its fate, not just 50%; 100% of it will be in the user's hands.
What is your target market?
Our message is that we believe we have products in development that will benefit the industry and future investors, creating more security and trust in the crypto world.
What is total and circulating supply?
The total supply is 10,000 CUE. The 2.5% transaction fees will go to the governance wallet, and our holders will decide their fate at regular intervals, causing burns so that this supply will decrease over time.

Circulating supply is around 7,300 and this is calculated below:
10,000 - 2,000 (liquidity with 1 year lock) - 698 (tokens remaining in deployer) = 7,302.
Full roadmap & Dapp details, when do we find out more?
We will release the full roadmap in April.

We don't want to divulge everything we are up to in one go. We must do this with marketing. It's also worth announcing things when they are ready or when the concept is near completion.

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