Welcome to CUE Protocol

CUE Protocol is a dual token ecosystem with DeFi and utility based dapps.

With it's own launchpad which can incubate tokens and NFTs mints in many formats, CUE has an abundance for utility at its disposal across multiple chains.

The CUE team has been active since March 2021 and have continued to innovate and adapt to the crypto space since.

DEX launch 19th January 2023 18:00 UTC
Launched on Binance Smart Chain in February 2021. Audited by RD Audit. 2.5% of every transaction is collected by the governance wallet. Token holders can vote and decide whether to burn it or spend on marketing and development. Token-utilising dapps, NFT's and lottery! The first voting dapp is LIVE in the CUE Hub. The second is going to help crypto investors avoid potential rug projects and make better investment decisions.  Learn more and join us!
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What is CUE Protocol?

Strong Community
We launched in March 2021 and have established a loyal community.
Reliable Team
Building through 2021, 2022 regardless of market conditions.
In House Dev
The founder is also the developer to ensure longevity and lower expenses than most projects.
Dapp Ecosystem
Such as our already live launchpad, upcoming token locker and CUE Safe haven.
Taxed Tokenomics
6% buy tax / 10% sell tax
Token utility
Each additional dapp released will provide even more utility to the CUE/CCAP ecosystem.


On our own launchpad platform

We have built our own launchpad platform and the CUE token is launching on it with our own presale.

Our presale started on 6th October 2022 at 18:00 UTC and has ended.

Several projects have already sold out in record time on our platform!

We have a launch phase in the week leading up to the launch! Let's do this.

Utility & Dapps

The CUE Launcher

The CUE Launcher is a fully functional launchpad which allows projects to launch their idea and fundraise it safely protecting the project and investors.

Read the CUE Launcher documentation for all the features and utility available on the platform.


Buy Tax
6% Buy Tax
Sell Tax
10% Sell Tax
Liquidity Generation
1% goes towards liquidity generation.
CCAP Buy Back
2% goes towards buying back CCAP for staking top ups.
2% - 6% goes towards marketing and buybacks on CUE.
Collect $CUE
1% goes towards collecting CUE for rewards or possible burns.


CUE Launcher - LIVE NOW
The CUE Launcher is at the forefront of our ecosystem with huge utility for both our NFTs and tokens.
CUE Locker
The CUE Locker allows teams to lock team tokens and liquidity with a set of great options including vesting.
CUE NFTs are already here with some great utility.
CUE Diligence
Launch of our investor protection and rug prevention platform. This platform will be released once our CUE Launcher adoption phase is complete.

NFT Benefits
CUE NFT benefits and utility are coming for the CUE Launcher, CCAP and all dapps developed will utilise them.
iOS & Android App
Mobile apps for our ecosystem are planned and development is scheduled for 2023.

CUE SafeHaven is a dapp designed to safeguards an investors crypto assets via a decentralised vault which has many options of exit in case of death, illness etc.


1,000,000,000 Total Supply
1 billion tokens are the total and max supply. No more minting can be done.
Pre-Sale Tokens
350 million tokens are available for pre-sale.

V1 Holders
604 million tokens belong to V1 holders who bought higher than presale price.
46 million tokens for rewards
Locked Liquidity
All liquidity will be locked for 365 days and re-locked thereafter.

Explore Unique CUE NFT's

CUE NFTs provide utility across the whole CUE/CCAP ecosystem, such as access to staking pools, revenue sharing and launchpad utility with much more on the way.

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Real utility with a great vision
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